three rules of Wesley


On Sundays at 9:45 am --

For worship in sanctuary use door #5, please wear a mask for singing & social distance
For outdoor worship (from your car or the park), speakers will broadcast the service

These services, programs & events are meeting --

=========  Regularly Scheduled  ===================

  1.        Sunday, New Fervent Heart Worship Service 10:30 am: CR
  2.        Tuesdays & Thursdays "Meals on Wheels" 8 am use door #5: K   View 10/12/21 "The Lansing Journal" article 
  3.        Tuesday, Midweek Service with communion 8 am Door #1 off of Ann Street: CH
  4.        Tuesday, (1st & 3rd in Parlor;  2nd & 4th) "Knitting Group" 6 pm: L
  5.        Tuesday (4th) "Lansing Jr. Women" 
  6.        Thursday, "Bible Study" 10 am use door #6: P
  7.        Thursday (1st) "United Methodist Women" 6 pm use door #6: P
  8.        For AA: contact 312-346-1475 for info

=========  Upcoming / Pending   ===================

      "Safe Sanctuary Meeting": F -- your attendance reduces cost of insurance

                                Two more scheduled in July, & in August

      Sunday, July 10th "White Sox trip" (by bus) -- See Bob W. 

       September "Corn Roast" 


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The following are pending until further notice--

Scroll down for the events by day of the week...


        8:30 am                                  Adult Bible Study: CR

        9:00 am                                 Youth Church: SS / Fellowship: P

        9:45 am                                 FUMC service: S

        5:00 pm                                 "The Well" FUMC Ecumenical service at Trinity UMC 9848 S Winchester, Chgo

        7:00 pm                                  AA: Contact 1-312-346-1475 for further info

On 1st Sunday of the month...

                                                Communion during service for anyone who loves the Lord: S

                                                        Blood Pressure readings: L

                                                        "First Sunday at First United"   

                                                                              6:15 pm dinner--use south door #5: FH

                                                                              7 pm contemporary service--use north door #1: CH

                                                        Scrip orders are due [click on "Ministries" tab, then "Mission Projects" for forms]



         8:00 am                               Meals on Wheels: K & FH, use door#5   708-474-1144 click here to volunteer

         5:00 pm                               TOPS: SS #4; use north door #1

         7:00 pm                                Knitting / crocheting: P, use south door #5


         1:45 - 3:30 pm                    "WOW" is "Walk Over Wednesday" for TFS high schooler's early dismissal: Parking lot, FH

                                                                                                                Resumes in Fall 

                                                                                                                Click here for...         "The Lansing Journal" article 2-6-19

                                                                                                                2018 November article in United Methodist Northern Illinois Conference Reporter

         6:30 pm                                 Chimes practice: FH

         7:30 pm                                  Chancel choir practice: FH

                                                          Al-Anon: SS


  8:00 am                               Meals on Wheels: K & FH, use door#5   708-474-1144 click here to volunteer

          10:00 am                             Adult Bible Study: P - use door #6   - please bring your mask

         7:00 pm                                 AA: Contact 1-312-346-1475 for further info






January, 2021 -- our new district is "Lake South"

 Key to Room abbreviations

AC: Activity Center

CH: Chapel

CR: Conference Room

Craft Rm: Craft Room

FH: Fellowship Hall

K: Kitchen

L: Library

P: Parlor

S: Sanctuary

SS: Upstairs Sunday School Room

YR: Youth Room

Other churches meet on Sunday in our building--

 9:30 am     Increasing Faith Ministry - Chapel

10:30 am     New Fervent Heart Church - Conference Room

11:30 am      Christ Church - Chapel